Sunday, September 30, 2007

More Q and b'day lunch.

Yesterday we had lunch at Skeeter Barnes in Kearney, Nebraska, what a fabulous bbq restaurant! Loved the pulled pork and the Texas sausage.
We had a sample platter called the Skeeter Feeder which was plenty for the three of us.

Today is a special day I turned 40, to celebrate we had lunch at Chap's Grill and Chophouse in Vail, Colorado for my birthday, I had sirloin steak topped with a salsa with ancho chile's which was very tasty!

As a birthday cake I got an enormous chocolate chip cookie baked in a skillet with vanilla ice cream.
Spending the night in Grand Junction, Colorado and tomorrow we head on to Vegas which is "only" 500 more miles.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Only 1019 miles to the next turn...

We left last Saturday to meet up with our friend in Chicago and to travel with her to Las Vegas. Unfortunately she fell down her garage stairs just 5 minutes after we got to her place and broke her wrist so bad that she had to be operated on. So with a few days delay we hit the road and are now on our way to LV. This is the first time I saw on the tomtom that I didn't have to make turn for another 1019 miles!

Today we passed by Earlham, Iowa home of the Master Griller's Homestead, the place where we ate the best pulled pork sandwich ever. Too bad they close at 2:30 PM and we arrived at 2:50 PM. Oh well maybe if we are in the neighborhood on the way back...

If you are ever in the neighborhood this is their address:

The Master Griller's Homestead
142 S. Chestnut
Earlham, Iowa