Saturday, May 24, 2008

WSM Smoke Day IV

Today is WSM Smoke Day IV, it's an event, hosted by the virtual weber bullet, where over 400 Weber Smokey Mountain owners worldwide make real barbecue.
I lit my coals at noon, when the WSM was at the right temperature I put in 6 racks of ribs. Two hours before the ribs were done I added some brats and BBQ beans.
After five hours the ribs were done, I used a new sauce I made from the Jack Daniels Barbecue book. It was ok for me, the others liked it a lot. For me it lacked depth so I'll have to make a batch of my regular sauce before the next barbecue.
I served rosemary garlic potato wedges on the side.


Anonymous said...

that looks absolutely wonderful.

Anonymous said...

indeed, mouthwatering smoky bbqness, great post

BAKE-EN said...

Amazing job smoking! My husband and I have the same smoker, and we smoked 2 pork shoulders and some ribs on Sunday. The shoulders were in the smoker for 14 hours. They were great.

Bailey said...

These are amazing smokers, a great value especially if you can find them onsale for under $240.

I have one at home - nice for slow cooking. I've also seen these smokers used at a couple grilling competitions. You can also disassembe the grill into three pieces - unlike the large hortiztonal smokers.