Sunday, April 22, 2007

I finally did it!

I love barbecue, I love to barbecue and until now I used my trusty weber kettle for that. But it's hard to maintain a low steady temperature for a long time on a regular barbecue.
So I ordered a WSM (Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker) today. I wanted one for quite a while but the reason I waited for a long time was mainly a financial one. In the US these babies go for $199 and if you are lucky a lot cheaper on sale. Here the regular price is €449, at the current rate $610!! But yesterday when I checked the local online barbecue store they had them on sale for €299, which is still $406 but I thought what the heck let's get one! So now it's waiting for it to arrive, put it together and start with all the great recipes I have laying around.
A great place to find info on this smoker is the Virtual Weber Bulletin Board, They have lots of info on modifications, recipes etc.

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