Sunday, October 7, 2007

Bryce Canyon and Monument Valley

Yesterday we visited Bryce Canyon, this time we were impressed! Incredible what mother nature created here. For the first time during our trip it was cloudy, which added a nice effect on the rocks. The colors changed every time a cloud passed by.
Tip of the day, when you enter the park drive all the way to the end and on the way back pull out for the views, all the pull outs are on that side of the road so this way you don't have to cross the road all the time.
Hoodoo's in Bryce Canyon

Today we visited Monument Valley and again we were impressed, we've seen most of the States but Utah has the most spectacular landscape, probably also because it looks so alien. Monument Valley isn't a National Park, but is run by the Navajo Indian tribe, you can drive through it with your own car or take a ride with them.

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clym08 said...

Its a beautiful pictures! I've live there almost my entire life. Everytime i look at it, it makes me think of home.