Friday, October 19, 2007


Made it back to Chicago Land on Tuesday after a nice drive from Coralville. Tomtom set to avoid highways which gave us a much nicer scenery. Wild dear, halloween decorations, family run restaurants.... just the way we like it.
Friday we spend shopping a little more.

Saturday, off to Chicago for the Apple store and a dinner at Topolobampo. Reservations were made three months in advance because this place is always packed. We had lunch before in the less formal part of the restaurant, the Frontera Grill which was fabulous.
Well the dinner was one to put in our top 10! Gourmet Mexican food with suprising twists in taste and presentation. As a starting food blogger I found it a little emberrassing to take pictures here so no pictures to go with this dinner.
We started with a Mezcal Martini, nice and smokey . I had crab apples filled with goats cheese and pecans, micro greens and a chile sauce as a starter, Maine lobster with ancho chiles and squash as a main and the most surprising was the desert, a 2 chocolate torte with pumpkin seed and black olives! The olives gave it a salty taste which made it very different. Oaxacan hot chocolate and chocolates finished it all. The service was perfect and not too much in your face.

Sunday, we had to go back home but not after a visit to Billy Goat's Tavern. This place is located in "the belly" of Chicago. If you're on North Michican Avenue in front of the Wrigley Building you will find stairs going down, there's another layer of roads here and this is also were Billy Goat's is located. Go here to eat their famous Cheezborger or better get a triple one with bacon :-) This is one of those places that you will miss if you are just wandering around as a tourist, but the burgers are the best and the atmosphere even better!

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