B.R.I.T.U. (Best Ribs in the Universe)

Last Sunday I had my first cook on the weber Smokey Mountain Cooker. I had decided to follow a well tried recipe from the Virtual Weber Bullet site, the B.R.I.T.U. which stands for the Best Ribs In The Universe.

At 11 AM I fired up the weber and at 1 PM the temperature had stabilized at about 250 F, that is about 50 F too high but that is normal for a new WSM. The reason for the higher temperature is that the inside is still shiny and reflects the heat back inside, when the WSM is used a couple of times, the inside will become dull from smoke and grease and will conduct the heat out.

At 1 PM I put on 3 racks of ribs and closed the lid for 3 hours, the temperature hardly changes, it did get a bit lower but that must have been the layer building up on the inside.

After 3 hours I turned the ribs, checked the water pan, which had still plenty of water, and opened the bottom vents a bit to take the temperature up to 275 F for the final stretch.

One hour later the ribs were done, suck of the bone tender and good eats!

I am really surprised at how easy it is to maintain a steady temperature in the WSM, if I use my weber kettle I have to keep adjusting the vents.
The B.R.I.T.U. recipe was OK, but next time I'll use my regular recipe, I like a little more kick.


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