Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Tortilla Press

It's hard to find Mexican ingredients and cooking utensils here in Holland. When I was in Mexico in March I didn't buy a tortilla press because I couldn't buy the flour that you use for corn tortillas here, at least that is what I thought. My sister was surfing the net last week, looking for something completely different and ran into the website of La Tiendita which offers all sorts of Mexican ingredients ranging from corn flour (for tortillas and tamales) to epizote, cooking utensils, beer etc.
The site is in Spanish only, but I used Babelfish to translate it for me, which gives some hilarious translations when you go to the chile and sauce section.
Anyway I placed my order for a tortilla press and 2 kilo of tortilla flour and little over a week later I received my package.
Tomorrow I'll be making enchiladas with homemade tortillas!

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