Sunday, March 23, 2008

Advocaat Parfait

Parfaits are a kind of mousse ice cream that don't need churning, so you can make it without an ice cream maker.
This one is made with advocaat, a liqueur made with eggs, sugar and brandy. Advocaat here in Holland is very thick compared to the version sold in a lot of other countries, some brands you can get hardly out of the bottle.
Advocaat has a kind of old fashioned image here, as it's drank, or rather eaten with a spoon, by old ladies, served in a wine glass, topped with whipped cream.

My taste team liked the parfait a lot, it's light, not to heavy on the alcohol and very smooth, great dessert for the first day of Easter!

250 ml whipping cream
50 grams caster sugar
1 sachet vanilla sugar
1 egg yolk
100 ml advocaat

Beat the whipping cream with the vanilla sugar to stiff peaks
In an other bowl beat the egg yolk, caster sugar and advocaat until frothy.
Fold the whipping cream through the advocaat mixture, don't overwork it, you want to leave it as light as possible.
Put the mixture in a 10x10 cm freezer box and freeze for at least 3 hours.

Submerge the bottom of the freezer box in hot water for a few seconds so the parfait will release easily. Turn the box over on a cutting board and lift it of the parfait, cut the parfait into 6 slices and put on serving plates.

You could decorate the parfait with chocolate shavings.

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Tartelette said...

I have had this liqueur only once before but it is close to the US eggnog, but a bit more refined. I love parfaits. They are really like having ice cream without the fuss.