Sunday, April 6, 2008

Angels and Insects

From our hotel it's a nice walk through the Zona Rosa to "el Angel" on top of the Monumento a la Indepencia, one of Mexico City's most recognizable icons.
The colomn with the angel is found on Paseo de la Reforma, which was shut down for cars today, they have been doing this for a while now on Sundays, to give the city back to the people, a lot of people were walking, rollerskating or cycling down this 12 km long, broad boulevard.

We strolled along Reforma for quite a while and visited the Palacio de Belle Artes (the Palace of Fine Arts), we had never been inside before and the interior is beautiful Art Deco with Pre-Hispanic details and more murals by Diego Rivera.
Man, controller of the universe, by Diego Rivera.

After a drink on Plaza Garibaldi, where the Mariachi bands hang out, we went to Los Girasoles for lunch. This is one of the places in Mexico City where you can eat Aztec style food.
I had the blue corn quesadillas as a starter, which were filled with squash flower and Oaxacan cheese which were very nice but not what we came for. The thing to eat here are insects, my main course was the Aztec Mosaic, which is like a sampler plate of worms, grasshoppers and ant eggs, served with guacamole and green taquitos (small tortillas).
Worms, Grasshoppers and Ant Eggs.

The worms are maquey worms who live in the agave plant and can also be found in bottles of mezcal, these tasted very nice! The grasshoppers we ate before in Oaxaca and these weren't as nice, way to salty for my taste. The big surprise were the ant eggs, fried in butter, a very delicate taste, a great new discovery!
I also realized that I didn't even think about this food as being odd, it's like I pulled a switch when I ate insects the first time in China, it was scary the first time, but after that it's just food.
For dessert I had a cajeta gelatin with rompope sauce (gelatin made of the Mexican version of Dulce de Leche with an alcoholic eggnog sauce) which was fabulous.

After buying some fruit at the produce market near the hotel, we went back to the room for a little rest.

Dinner was down the block from our hotel, tacos al Pastor and tacos with cheese and nopales, part of the prickly pear cactus.

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Cheryl said...

Wow. The insect picture threw me for a loop. I just don't know if I could do that. Kudos to you, though!