Friday, April 11, 2008

What to do in between meals?

What do you do when you are Oaxaca? Well there are fabulous restaurants here, so it's more like how do we fill the time in between meals...
So far we discovered two great new restaurants.

Marco Polo, a seafood restaurant, that has wood fired brick ovens in a garden setting. Your food goes in these ovens and when done straight to your table. Relaxed atmosphere, high quality, great cocktails and very friendly staff.

Casa Oaxaca, a little more upscale, but again great food! We went for some of the local specialties and it was superb. I loved their tamales, I had a combo, one in corn husk with lamb and the other in banana leaf with venison, very tasty!
They also had a fabulous salad, the dressing was a with flor de jamaica (hibiscus flowers) and a touch of chile, a beautiful combination that I'll try to recreate at home.

Nice selection of chiles at the market.

And of course we went to the markets here. I bought a nice bag of chipotles (got some for you too Mevrouw Cupcake), some cascabel chiles, chapulines (grasshoppers) and chocolate.
We got 2 kilos of mayordomo chocolate and 1 kilo from a local vendor that had his own mixtures that was great, we went for the not so sweet one, he also had one with almonds and another with cinnamon.
Different kinds of chocolate and moles at the market.

Yesterday we visited the the former Zapotec capital Monte Alban. The site is totally different from Teotihuacan but very impressive too. Way more people than our last visit, it's good to see that the tourists have found this part of the world again after the trouble in 2006.

It's located on top of a mountain overlooking two valleys, I am still amazed at what moves people to build places like this at these impossible locations.

The day before yesterday we visited the museum which houses the gold found at Monte Alban. Nice building, nice collection. J. isn't too much into museums and we saw it before so it was a quick visit.

And than there is always food in between. Mezcal ice cream at the Zocalo, hot chocolate with a sweet bread for dunking at the market, fabulous coffee (iced or hot), fresh potato chips near the Zocalo and the list goes on, too much food for the short period we are here. Oh well we can always come back!


Cafe Johnsonia said...

Oh....I'm so jealous!!! Mexico calls to me all the time. I've never been.

Have so much fun!

(And thanks for all your nice comments. :)

Mevrouw Cupcake said...

Look at all those chilies!!! I could definitely eat some mole and drink some strawberry margaritas right lucky devil!