Friday, April 25, 2008

Mexico City - round 2

After a six hour bus trip over the Sierra Madre mountains we were back in Mexico City again. We had three days to look around some more before we would fly home, at least that's what we thought....
When we tried to check in, which we can do 30 hours in advance with KLM, there was no sign of our reservation, when I checked further, our flights were moved up a day. We called Amsterdam and were told that our group of three was split up, one had to fly via Paris to Amsterdam on the original date, the other two a day later on the direct flight.
That was of course not acceptable for us and it took a few more phone calls, one more than 45 minutes to set things straight, now we are flying back on Saturday, FOUR days later than planned!
Reason? Boeing is doing a maintenance check on their 747's and flights get cancelled all over the world, our flight was one of those.
I'm so glad that I brought my laptop on this trip and that I have skype up and running to make all those calls, otherwise we would have stranded at the airport instead of being in our nice comfy hotel!

What did we do so far in MC? We went to so the crowds at Chapultec park on Sunday, it's hard to believe that people come here to relax, it's so busy with stands selling all the usual stuff, noisy clowns, loud music etc.
On Monday we visted the biggest market I've ever been to in my life, La Merced. This is one of the main fruit and vegetable markets in Mexico City, and moves an avarage 24.000 tons of it per day!
Limes at Merced Market
After that a visit to the Basilica de Guadalupe to watch the portret of the Virgin of Guadelupe. For dinner we went to Don Chon hoping to try the stewed armadillo, but unfortunately they were out of the little fellows so we had to settle with the more "regular" stuff. I had very nice stewed goat in a chile sauce that was delicious. they also had pulque, an alcoholic drink made from the fermented juice of the agave. It tasted like a distant cousin of hard cider, but it looked more like light chocolate milk and was more slimy, but still quite refreshing!

Tuesday we spent trying to arrange things for our flight back, Wednesday I spend sick in bed, Montezuma's revenge got me. We are trained travelers and know the basic food rules in countries like this but there is always the chance that you end up eating something not totally up to standards, this was one of these times....

Thursday I felt good enough to get out again, though not 100% and we went to the Anthropological Museum to see among others the Aztec calendar.
Today we did a little shopping and tried to reserve our seats for our flight tomorrow, but when it rains it pours, so one of us has a seat and the others have to see if we can sit together tomorrow at the airport, dispite two more hours in phone calls to KLM and NWA, sigh.

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