Monday, April 21, 2008

Costa Esmeralda

We spend our time in Costa Esmeralda relaxing, J. and I tried line fishing which was harder than it looked, I did manage to catch a crab though. Omid, the owner of Tobago, our hotel here, was nice enough to take me to the local fishing store. I bought 2 rods and some lures which made fishing easier. Not that we caught anything... The first thing my brother said that that was justice, since he couldn't join us :-)
We also couldn't stand to long out in the water without the risk of getting serious sun burns, but at least we tried.

One day we took a boat tour through the mangroves which was very interesting, our guide, a local fisherman, caught one of the red mangrove crabs to show us, picked local waterflowers, pointed out the different birds and other wildlife. At the end of the tour he took us to the end of the river and almost in to the Gulf of Mexico.
After the tour we went to the reason we stopped here this time, barbecue restaurants. Along this stretch of beach are little places with barbecues build from old oil drums. We picked one that had three barbecues in front and ordered chicken, which came with rice, salad, tortillas and 2 salsa's. It was delicious!
Our stay at Taboga was very pleasant, the owners went more than out of their way to help us have a pleasant stay!

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