Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Teotihuacan and on the road again

First thing we did yesterday was arranging tickets to our next destination, Oaxaca, which went pretty smooth. Public transport is very well organized here in Mexico and even if you don't speak the language it's not hard to get around.
With that hurdle taken it was on to our destination of the day. We decided to take the bus to Teotihuacan, we had been there before but with a tour, which takes you to a lot of other things too, we just wanted to see the ancient city and could care less about the tourist traps.
The bus leaves from the North autobus terminal and the counter for tickets to the site is on the left side, I give this info for fellow Europeans with a Lonely Planet Mexico guide book out there. The lonely Planet says go to the North side of the terminal, well we Europeans don't do North and South very well :-) It's about an hour to the site.

Teotihuacan is were the Sun and the Moon pyramid can be found. The sun pyramid is the third largest pyramid in th world and you can climb it! J. did, it is his first time in Mexico and he's still young :-) We'd been there, done that so stayed below. I can really feel I'm not totally adjusted to the height here.
Sun Pyramid

The site was still as impressive to us as the first time I were here, J. loved it!
The Moon Pyramid seen from the top of the Sun Pyramid.

Foodwise nothing spectacular yesterday, although the hamburguesa at the little restaurant near gate 4 of the site was very good!

Now off to get some breakfast, grab a taxi to TAPO, the eastern bus terminal and than by bus to Oaxaca, the foodies mecca of Mexico.


Julia & Tyler said...

I went here in college while I as studying in Puebla! Just beautiful!

eatme_delicious said...

Wow looks beautiful! Sounds like a great trip.